Our art projects are all about finding new ways to express designs and visual artworks to the world. Besides creating the right themes for our events, it also is a chance to create environment to move people about topics that go way further then our music community. 

Our yearly NYE event is all about celebrating a new year with our loved ones. Watching the fireworks from the terrace at midnight, we continue to enlighten these precious moments. Fueled by the selections of our residents, digging their most sparkling and festive records.
Born out of eager to search for synergy: a collective sense of affection and passion towards your surroundings and the music. Sending the invitation around Valentine, we use the occasion to send a deep persistent message of love to the universe.

For us a proper birthday get-together means welcoming your friends to your home to share the joy. This exactly is the formule for our anniversaries. Inviting close-friended artist we admire, to create an sonic birthday adventure which sets the tone for a new future.  

The name says it all. During the famous 4-days summerfestival in Nijmegen we host the Sunday for a marathon. A neverending party in which we enjoy dusk and dawn. Creating everlasting memories.

A project in which we search for the essence of what we do, challenging ourself in an audio-visual way. Observing the history and essence of electronic music, and translate it into an contemporary perspective. 

Giving the opportunity to our residents to find the right frequency and create a journey. All night long. Back 2 back.

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